Professor Avelino Corma

Avelino Corma (Moncofar, Castellón, Spain 1951), Professor at the Institute of Chemical Technology (ITQ-CSIC-Polytechnical University of Valencia), has been carrying out research in heterogeneous catalysis in academia and in collaboration with companies for nearly 30 years. He has worked on fundamental aspects of acid-base and redox catalysis with the aim of understanding the nature of the active sites and reaction mechanisms. With these bases has developed catalysts that are being used commercially in several industrial processes.
He is an internationally recognized expert in solid acid and bifunctional catalysts for oil refining, petrochemistry and chemical process, especially in the synthesis and application of zeolite catalysts.

He has published more than 1400 research papers, and is inventor on more than 200 patents. Over 20 of those patents have been applied industrially in commercial processes ofcracking, desulfuration, isomerization, epoxidation, chemo selective oxidation of alcohols and chemoselective hidrogenations. Corma earned his BS in Chemistry at Valencia University, PhD at Madrid under direction of Prof. Antonio Cortes, and spent two years postdoc at Queen´s University.