Design of uni and multifunctional solid catalysts

The main objective of my research is the design of mono and multifunctional solid catalysts with isolated and/or well defined catalytic active sites. Consequently, the synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of micro-porous crystalline materials such as ZEOLITES, hybrid organo-inorganic materials and metallic clusters and nano-particles are the master lines of my scientific interest. Preparation of catalysts with mono or multifunctional active sites allow us to carry out “cascade” reactions in processes related to chemicals, biomass transformation to produce fuel and chemical products as well as photo-catalytic processes with special emphasis on activation of CO2 and H2O.

Characterization of catalysts through different spectroscopic techniques (UV-Vis, IR, Raman, XPS, NMR, XRD, etc…), as gas adsorption, TEM, theoretical modeling and kinetic and isotopic studies, allow to understand how the catalyst works and how we can optimize the synthesis method to get maximum activity and selectivity.

A selection of scientific articles published in the last 10 years show the main lines of research developed in my group.

Chemical Process


Hybrid Materials

S. Metals, Nanocluster, Particles

Photocatalytic Process

Biomass Transformation