Royal Society of Chemistry

Professor Avelino Corma is the Royal Society of Chemistry Spiers Memorial Award winner for 2016

05/09/2016 Professor Avelino Corma from Instituto de Tecnología Química UPV-CSIC is the Royal Society of Chemistry Spiers Memorial Award winner for 2016.A profilic author and researcher, who has published over 900 papers and holds more than 150 patents, Professor Corma works on the design of solid catalysts – materials that accelerate chemical reactions and direct the formation of the desired product. His research aims to design catalysts for specific reactions, by attempting to unravel how the reactants and the surface of the catalyst interact at the molecular level.

The Spiers Memorial Award is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to a field of chemistry relevant to a Faraday Discussion. The Faraday Discussions are unique international discussion meetings that focus on rapidly developing areas of chemistry and its interfaces with other scientific disciplines. The Spiers Memorial Award is presented once a year to the introductory lecturers who are likely to provide the most stimulating and wide-ranging introduction to the discussion.